How To Use Storm Water In Magickal Work

Storm Water

  This weekend there is a rather large tropical storm that is hitting parts of Texas. And today I am outside collecting some of the water… Why am I out in the rain trying to catch it in my mason jar, you ask? That rainwater is an extremely powerful element, as it has been charged with the energy and […]

You’re Done With Your Spellwork, Now Dispose Of It


You’re Done With Your Spellwork, Now You Need To Dispose Of It…   Knowing how and where to dispose of your spellwork after it has done its job is a fairly important part of performing any sort of magickal work. When this very simple step of the magickal process is left out, that residual energy […]

Magick Is Not Black Or White. It Is Neutral.

Black Magick Skull

Magick Is Not Black Or White. It Is Neutral.   When people think of magick, they typically think of it as this static kind of thing. They have this notion that magick has to be either black or white, good or bad, and this thinking is essentially wrong. Magick is neither black nor white, good […]

What Are Magical Variables?


When you when you perform any kind of magical work you should be very aware that there are multiple different ways that it could manifest. But more importantly, you need to understand why there are so many different ways that the magic could manifest. See, magic and life, the spiritual and the mundane; all of […]

Understanding The Doctrine Of Signatures


During the Middle Ages, when medicine in general wasn’t very developed, folk medicine was a relatively large practice and people were experimenting with medicinal uses for plants. Of course in order to use these plants as medicine, people needed a way to determine what plants would be best used to cure various ailments. Eventually, a […]

Cleansing Vs. Uncrossing

Cleansing VS Uncrossing

Recently I have been working with a client that has had the unfortunate experience of being crossed up and during the course of our conversation about what could be done, she asked me, “what is the difference between a cleansing and an uncrossing?” And this made me think… is there a difference between the two? […]

Mojo Hands Are More Than Just Spells In A Bag

mojo hands

So as of recent I have been putting together a year long course for those who really want to learn Hoodoo and one of the sections in the course deals with mojo hands. Everything from how to create them to how to work with them and take care of them. So as I began writing […]

Top 5 Most Powerful Psalms For Conjure Work


Prayer is, or at least should be, an important part of any spiritual workers life. The spoken word is truly powerful and that power is alive and well within prayer. It can provide comfort or reassurance in times of loss, strength in times of weakness and can give us something else to focus on deeply to […]

The Divination Trap… Travelers Beware


Whether you are a seasoned reader or are just starting out, there is one trap that anyone who practices divination at some point will probably become a victim of. Yes, I have even faced this very problem myself… many times. I’m not talking about wanting to play poker with your cards… however, that can indeed be fun. […]

Clearing Out The Clutter: Spiritually Protecting Your Home

Spiritual Protection

I recently wrote a blog post about why you really should be cleaning out the random spiritual and mental clutter from your life on a fairly regular basis. If you missed that post for some reason, you should totally stop right here now and go give it a read first. I even share a really cool method […]

Clearing Out The Clutter: A Weekly Cleansing Meditation For The Mind

Clearing Out The Clutter

  Life has this tendency to get messy and build up quite a bit of clutter of the physical, mental, emotional and yes, even the magickal kind. And in order to be at your tip top peak spiritual performance, you need to regularly clear out this clutter.   But fear not! I’m here to discuss this […]

How To Make Hoodoo Powders

Hoodoo Powders

If you have ever used condition oils you have also probably at the very least, heard of its cousin; hoodoo powders. Alot of magickal practitioners use oils, some use soaps, most use herbs in some fashion but did you know that powders also play a rather significant role in most magickal traditions? Hoodoo is no […]

Timing And Magick: How They Affect Each Other

Timing Your Magick

Tick Tock… Tick Tock… Timing And Magick Go Hand In Hand And Is Probably More Important Than You Realize.   I want to just real quickly throw out some food for thought and discuss a concept that I find to be extremely useful in my spiritual work but one that just doesn’t seem to hit home […]

How To Make Your Own Divination Lamp

Divination Lamp

Divination is important to every spiritual worker and whether you utilize Geomancy, Cartomancy, Bibliomancy or one of the other numerous systems regularly, at some point it is very possible that you may hit a sort of mental block. This usually comes in the form of readings that you just cannot seem to make much sense of. Well you […]