Hey there how are you?

I’m Matthew Levi and this is my little corner of the web where I discuss one of my many favorite subjects; the occult and magic in general.

The topic of magic has always intrigued me, challenged my analytical and “logical” nature and has definitely become somewhat of a lifelong hobby, practice, job, and area of study for me. I have been practicing rootwork off and on for roughly 16 years, ceremonial magic for about 11 of those, and a myriad of other systems scattered here and there and I must say that I’ve learned quite a lot along the way.

I hope you enjoy the blog, learn something new or just get a kick out of my typos. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need anything or just want to chat with a fellow seeker of knowledge. My door is always open.

Til next time!

~Matthew Levi