Acting In Accordance

One major topic that I seem to run into quite often as a Spiritual Worker is that of “acting in accordance”.


More often than not, I get clients who come to me to get a reading for a specific situation they want insight on and sometimes it leads to work needing be done to resolve or better the situation but no matter what the issue is and no matter if they need rootwork done or not, I always prepend all information with one piece of advice; *you must act in accordance if you wish to see any form of change*.


Acting in accordance is not some new fangled invention or addition to magick or spiritual work and for that matter life in general at all and yet for some reason many people seem not to heed the advice and then come running back to me a few weeks later saying that either the work or reading yielded no results as I had spoke of. And the thing about it is that it isn’t a difficult to understand concept either. All “acting in accordance” means is that in order to get the desired results you need to also be doing everything you can on the mundane side of things to help the process along. I will give you a few prime examples:


  • A client comes to me needing help landing a job. So we go ahead and perform the work, he is given a time frame in which he can expect to start seeing signs of it working along with any other pertinent information that may be of use to him. Work finishes up and then here he comes 2 weeks later claiming that the work didn’t do anything for him whatsoever and he is still jobless. Okay, maybe there is a variable that came into play that negated the work, hey it happens. So we do a follow-up reading into the situation to see what is going on and how we may be able to resolve it. I then go down the list of possible causes with this client and proceed to ask him if he has been following up with any of the places he has been putting applications or his resume to. “I haven’t been putting in applications, I didn’t think I needed to?!” This is about the time I start face-palming and have to explain to him that no matter how much work we perform on the situation, if he isn’t putting in applications or sending in his resume, how in the world does he expect a stranger to call his phone and randomly offer him a job if noone knows that he is looking for work.
  • Then there is the client looking for love and has his eye on a specific person but never speaks to them and stays unkempt, hasn’t showered in 2 weeks and stays drunk half of the week and can’t be bothered to venture outside his front door. Let’s face it, most people are not going to be receptive to that and the only attention he will get is of the negative variety. Sure we can perform work to help him find love but if he is a hermit and doesn’t even try to put forth the effort to be at least a little bit approachable then all the magick in the world is going to do absolutely nada.
  • And finally we have the client who wants to fix the issue in a certain relationship, let’s say his significant other and comes to me for help. So the work begins and finishes and here he comes a month later asking why the work was not successful. So I proceed to perform a reading to look into it for him… turns out the work would have been hugely successful; had he not continued to be unfaithful to his spouse.


Magick is part psychology and part Spirit and when it comes to successfully working it one must remember that the spiritual and the mundane absolutely must go hand in hand. Rootwork is by no means an exact science but furthermore it is not a cure-all, it is simply a tool that helps give you a boost in terms of resolving the issue you are facing. You don’t get to twinkle your nose, ignore the world and still expect to see the desired outcome come to fruition. So anytime you go to a spiritual worker for help, please please please listen to ALL advice given as well as using your own commonsense and understand that having work performed does not make you exempt from living in the real world and does not mean you are automatically free to act in any way you please especially if it is non-conducive to the work that you had performed.


In closing, don’t blame the hammer just because *you* smashed your thumb.


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