Magick Is Not Black Or White. It Is Neutral.

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Magick Is Not Black Or White. It Is Neutral.


When people think of magick, they typically think of it as this static kind of thing. They have this notion that magick has to be either black or white, good or bad, and this thinking is essentially wrong. Magick is neither black nor white, good or bad, by default. It has no true specific shape, size, color or form. It simply just exists and it is completely neutral to your wants and needs.

It is simply a tool that you can use in a way that you see fit for your specific circumstance. You set its trajectory and it tries to stay the course. That’s pretty much it.

The key thing to remember is that it is the person who sets the course.


What Is Dark Magick?


Dark MagickThere is such a thing as what we refer to as baneful or dark magick. And this is where the line between good and bad begins to get more than a little blurry for most people.

Dark magick workings usually consist of the intent to do at least one of the following three things:

  • to cause misfortune to befall another
  • to deceive or trick another
  • to control another

Now, at first sight, all of this criteria seems like the perfect setup for nothing but negative work, right?

Well, not exactly. Think about it for a minute.

Can you not use a spell to control someone, or even to deceive someone for that matter, to help them conquer something like a drug addiction? After all, you could take their mind off it while you gain control to manipulate certain patterns of their thinking. By doing so, you may be able to influence them to go to therapy more. Sound like it might be of some positive use?

And what about causing misfortune? How could that be considered even remotely positive?

Fairly easily, actually.

People commit all kinds of wrongs every day. It’s a sad reality, but reality nonetheless. And when people become the victims of a crime or wrongdoing, they want justice. And morally speaking, they are certainly entitled to that feeling.

In these situations, it may be of some use to supplement whatever else you are doing to catch the criminal, with some magickal work. Wouldn’t it come in handy to be able to cause a streak of misfortunes or bad luck to befall them, potentially leading to their arrest or downfall? Maybe you end up getting that money back that the cops found on them that they took when they robbed you? Maybe this leads to further reforming their way of life?

And these are just two ways that what you may perceive as negative magick can actually be used for positive growth. The possibilities are endless.

On the flipside of that, however, people can surely use magick for evil intentions as well. I cannot debate that and will be discussing it a bit later.

But the overall point I am trying to illustrate for you is that it is the person’s intentions that shape the goal of any magickal work, not necessarily the energy with which they are working.

There is no inherently evil magick that sprung forth from the universe hell-bent on harm and destruction. Just neutral energy, able to be manipulated.


Working With Both Hands


Working With Both HandsThe reason I chose to write this article is to dispel the myth that magick is something that is either inherently good or bad.

Having said that, however, that doesn’t negate the fact that there are yet plenty of people who do use magick to harm or trick others. This is indeed a very real thing that happens.

Not all magickal paths restrict the use of this sort of work and many practitioners do what is commonly known as “working with both hands”. This simply means that they are willing to curse someone just as quickly as they are willing to help someone. It’s all entirely dependent upon the severity of the situation as I discussed earlier.

The justification for doing such work is actually understandable in some situations.

For example, if you were walking down the road one day and someone decided to punch you in the face, what would you do? Maybe try to run away? Call the cops?

Okay. You have nowhere to run, no phone, and there is no one else nearby. Just you and your attacker. What now?

I bet you’d fight back, right? Well, it’s no different with magick. If you feel that you are being attacked, harassed or otherwise harmed by someone else, you have every right to defend yourself and fight back. Whether you fight back physically or spiritually is really beside the point.

Being able to defend yourself and fight back when you have exhausted all other options is a good thing and it is more than likely justified in most circumstances. But, use your skills sparingly if you must use them at all. And never use them simply to do harm for the sake of doing harm.


Final thoughts


Magick is a neutral energy. It has no specific path it follows, it just exists. It doesn’t hate, it doesn’t love. It simply exists.

Much like any other basic tool you have in your home, magick can be used to perform a variety of tasks.

You can think of magick like a hammer. Just like a hammer, magick is merely a tool that you can pick up and use. That very same hammer that you can use to build a house, you can also throw at someone’s head. I recommend the former but it’s completely up to you.

After all, it’s just a tool.

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