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Cleansing Vs. Uncrossing

Cleansing VS Uncrossing

Recently I have been working with a client that has had the unfortunate experience of being crossed up and during the course of our conversation about what could be done, she asked me, “what is the difference between a cleansing and an uncrossing?” And this made me think… is there a difference between the two? […]

Clearing Out The Clutter: Spiritually Protecting Your Home

Spiritual Protection

I recently wrote a blog post about why you really should be cleaning out the random spiritual and mental clutter from your life on a fairly regular basis. If you missed that post for some reason, you should totally stop right here now and go give it a read first. I even share a really cool method […]

Clearing Out The Clutter: A Weekly Cleansing Meditation For The Mind

Clearing Out The Clutter

  Life has this tendency to get messy and build up quite a bit of clutter of the physical, mental, emotional and yes, even the magickal kind. And in order to be at your tip top peak spiritual performance, you need to regularly clear out this clutter.   But fear not! I’m here to discuss this […]