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How To Use Storm Water In Magickal Work

Storm Water

  This weekend there is a rather large tropical storm that is hitting parts of Texas. And today I am outside collecting some of the water… Why am I out in the rain trying to catch it in my mason jar, you ask? That rainwater is an extremely powerful element, as it has been charged with the energy and […]

You’re Done With Your Spellwork, Now Dispose Of It


You’re Done With Your Spellwork, Now You Need To Dispose Of It…   Knowing how and where to dispose of your spellwork after it has done its job is a fairly important part of performing any sort of magickal work. When this very simple step of the magickal process is left out, that residual energy […]

What Are Magical Variables?


When you when you perform any kind of magical work you should be very aware that there are multiple different ways that it could manifest. But more importantly, you need to understand why there are so many different ways that the magic could manifest. See, magic and life, the spiritual and the mundane; all of […]

Understanding The Doctrine Of Signatures


During the Middle Ages, when medicine in general wasn’t very developed, folk medicine was a relatively large practice and people were experimenting with medicinal uses for plants. Of course in order to use these plants as medicine, people needed a way to determine what plants would be best used to cure various ailments. Eventually, a […]

How To Make Your Own Divination Lamp

Divination Lamp

Divination is important to every spiritual worker and whether you utilize Geomancy, Cartomancy, Bibliomancy or one of the other numerous systems regularly, at some point it is very possible that you may hit a sort of mental block. This usually comes in the form of readings that you just cannot seem to make much sense of. Well you […]

Conjure Starts In The Home

The following post is from my old blog, Traditional Conjure, with some added content. I couldn’t think of anything better and/or more fitting to kick things off here! I want to touch on something today that I see alot of people, not all but quite a few, forgetting or simply neglecting to do. Some don’t know […]