Cleansing Vs. Uncrossing

Cleansing VS Uncrossing

Recently I have been working with a client that has had the unfortunate experience of being crossed up and during the course of our conversation about what could be done, she asked me, “what is the difference between a cleansing and an uncrossing?”

And this made me think… is there a difference between the two?

Now, I can tell you right now that, yes there is indeed a difference between a cleansing and an uncrossing and it is pretty basic but this is one of those subjects regarding magic in general that always seems to really give my brain a good working over and not even because it is difficult to understand but just because it can be a bit confusing to try to explain the theory behind it all to someone.

Okay so it works like this. When someone is said to be “crossed up”, what this means is that they have either encountered some particularly nasty energy or in severe cases, spirits or they have become the victim of someone working magic on them. This ends up usually causing a string of bad luck (a tell-tale sign of sorts but not the only symptom, just the most pronounced) which quickly branches out into other areas of that persons life more often than not. Of course every persons experience will vary in severity and effects

Getting crossed up can happen in a variety of ways but is usually the result of someone directing a negative energy source or spirit at you, meant to attack one or more areas in your life. However, it can also be the result of something as simple as not adhering to a proper cleansing routine and as a result all that built up gunk starts to take a toll. Unfortunately when it gets that bad, a simple cleansing is not going to be the most helpful. And here is where we begin to really see the difference between a normal cleansing and something like an uncrossing.

The difference between a basic cleansing and an uncrossing is that a cleansing is more of a grooming technique that should be maintained overall and an uncrossing is something that is performed when there is a specific issue in your life that a simple cleansing has not been able to take care of and that you have verified to be something more than a small build up of energy. During the uncrossing, the problem areas are focused on individually (at least if done correctly), negative energies sent back to wherever or whoever they originated from and the residual energies are then cleaned up or “cleansed”… at which point it would be a good idea to get into the regular cleansing routine.

So there ya go, if you didn’t know now you do. A cleansing is something you do to clear up minor built up magical gunk and to maintain a clean slate so to speak and an uncrossing is used when a cleansing simply isn’t going to work and you need something that can not only clean you up but also break whatever magic, spirit or other energy has locked in on you.

Getting crossed up unfortunately just happens sometimes and it is alot easier to fall victim to than most may believe. From interaction with certain objects and people to just simply harboring negativity ourselves until it bubbles over, the ways are many, just have to clear it up and stay as protected as possible in the meantime… who knows, maybe I will share some of my uncrossing tips with you soon 😉

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