Clearing Out The Clutter: Spiritually Protecting Your Home

Spiritual Protection

I recently wrote a blog post about why you really should be cleaning out the random spiritual and mental clutter from your life on a fairly regular basis. If you missed that post for some reason, you should totally stop right here now and go give it a read first. I even share a really cool method in that post for clearing out the mental clutter that is not only really really simple but also extremely effective 😉

Seriously, you should go check it out.

Today, I want to do a little follow up to that post for you and sort of expand upon the next steps that I’d advise you to take in order to make sure your home stays nice and clean, free of magickal gunk and well-protected between big cleansings to keep out anything nasty that may try to build up in the meantime.

So, if you’ve got all of your cleansing out of the way already, you can go ahead and put up the Sage and Florida Water because we are moving on to the next step of this cleansing adventure!


You’ve been laboring away and have physically cleaned out all the nooks and crannies, you have cleansed your house from top to bottom and have even adopted the weekly mini-clutter cleansing I shared with you last week… so the next logical step would be to lock in all the energy you have created in your homelife and protect it from outside disturbances. Your home should be spiritually protected anyway, so this provides you the perfect opportunity to get it going if you haven’t already spiritually protected your home yet.

Now there are *numerous* ways to approach all of this but I have found a select few methods that I personally love and always stick with or incorporate somehow when going through this process myself, because they work! So while this may not be a complete list (actually it would probably take an entire book) of all the methods you could use, it is a very good, solid starting point that works fantastically on it’s own or can be expanded upon should you want to experiment when you feel comfortable doing so.

But for now, for simplicity sake, I recommend just sticking with these:

1. Salt

There are so many occult uses for salt it is actually overwhelming. From using it to disturb peace in someone else’s home to purifying just about anything, salt is undoubtedly a very powerful ingredient that can be used in most spiritual work in some form or another. Old school workers will even tell you that salt brings both good and bad luck. Not that it intentionally brings bad luck but rather is capable of either. But most importantly it is an extremely protective mineral.

One of my favorite methods of using salt is actually a dual purpose one. It involves placing a small pile of salt in each of the four main corners of your home and giving each pile a name. Each pile represents something you wish to bring into the house. So for example, one pile you could name “Money”, one would be “Love”, another would be named “Prosperity” and the last you could name “Success”. The salt will draw in luck to all of these qualities which gives you a boost in all of these areas of life as well as simply doing what it does best… driving away negative energy.

More often than not negative energy in a home are the result of fighting or quarreling between people in the home and this type of gunk just keeps building up over time and can destroy some of the very best cleansing jobs if it is not kept in check. If this is a very real scenario for you, a good trick to use is to wait until everyone (especially the person with who you fight with alot) is out of the house. Take a handful of salt and step outside and sprinkle the salt on the doorstep and go back in. A good rule of thumb for keeping a postie magically charged home is to minimize negative speech and fighting in the house.

2. Chicken Foot

Chicken feet have been used traditionally in Hoodoo since it’s inception basically and really is a staple of the tradition in many ways so it is only right to include it here and besides that, they work extremely well! Now if you’ve ever participated in any Hoodoo practice that involved chicken feet then you are probably aware that more often than not it is used to cleanse a persons body of negative energies and because of this it is also very effective when used for protection as well. Let me explain:

Think about what chickens do. They scratch the ground right? Kicking up dirt, tilling the ground and bringing new life to the soil under their feet. So when you use a chicken foot to cleanse yourself what you are doing is using the Doctrine of Signatures. Since they till up the ground and scratch away the old dirt, it is believed that it works the same way with energy; when the foot is used magically, it is tearing up the old energy around or on you to make room for the new. It works the same way for protective works too.

Take a dried chicken foot, tie a white or red string to it’s base (so that the claws face downwards when hung up) while speaking your intentions for it’s use and hang this above your front door. How this works is that when people or energies enter your home, the foot strips the negative energy off of them, in turn keeping negative energies out of your home. Who’d thought that poultry could be more than tasty!

3. Brick Dust

Yet another staple of Hoodoo work. Bricks are solid and representative of walls and strong structures that are made with them and because of this brick dust finds a nice spot for itself in this tradition as a strong protection agent. All you need for this is to find a suitable brick and pulverize it to a fine dust (yes, this can take a while, but work with what you have) and collect enough dust to store in a jar as it never really goes bad and having a little extra on hand is never a bad thing. Brick dust is applied much in the same way as salt except that instead of placing it in the four corners of your home, all you need to do is sprinkle it on your doorstep, window sills or even around the outside perimeter of the house if you have enough and want to go all out. Using it in this way while focusing on your intentions, builds an impenetrable spiritual wall. I even like to soak my brick dust in a jar of protection oil like Fiery Wall Of Protection oil and letting it dry before using it.

It is important to know that if you are collecting your own bricks to pick only ones that don’t have too many unnatural holes in it unless you want their to be holes in your spiritual protection. Also avoid taking them from graveyards. If you can acquire bricks from a church, those would be the absolute best to use for this purpose.

Pretty simple stuff huh? I think I think I have given you enough foods for thought for this week so I will go ahead and call it a wrap right here. If you try out any of these or have your own protection methods that you really like and use regularly please leave a comment and let me know how well they work for you!


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