Clearing Out The Clutter: A Weekly Cleansing Meditation For The Mind

Clearing Out The Clutter


Life has this tendency to get messy and build up quite a bit of clutter of the physical, mental, emotional and yes, even the magickal kind. And in order to be at your tip top peak spiritual performance, you need to regularly clear out this clutter.


But fear not! I’m here to discuss this very issue and share a few really great, practical tips and pointers that you can start using right now. Tips that I, myself use.


How Your Mood Affects Spirituality And Magick

There is a little saying that someone once told me when I was having a really bad, long day. It was an old man sitting outside in one of those motorized shopping carts, just waiting on his wife to bring the car around. I came out of the store, ready to just get my bags in the car right about the same time his wife pulled up for him. They both are elderly and she seems to not be able to move much faster than he can, so I decide that my bags can wait for a moment and I ask the man if they’d like some help getting their bags loaded in (yes, my momma raised me right) and he happily agreed.

So I get them all packed up and wish them a good day and he stops me to try to give me some money as a tip. I decline and so he says “well, what about a different kinda tip?” I nod my head not too sure what to make of the statement but I listen anyway and what he said to me outside that grocery store on that bad day brightened up my day and has stuck with me for the longest time and it is one that I make sure to observe everyday.

What’s more is I can see it reflected in my spiritual work. He said to me,

The first step to cleaning any house is taking out the trash

Then he winked at me and they drove off. I stood there for probably 5 minutes, just staring off into space trying to figure out why he told me that and realizing that maybe that simple statement actually wasn’t meant to taken as just face value but rather, had so many implications.

One of the major life areas that gets hit when I’m in a bad mood, stressed over unfinished work or stuff around my house or just generally have had one heck of a long week is my spiritual practices. I find that if I ever let it get to that point that it starts to become affected that it’s really hard to even want to take time to pray or do that personal reading I’ve been putting off. So needless to say I try very hard not to let it get to that point often or at all if I can help it.

In short, when I feel stressed my spiritual work runs the risk of taking a backseat to everything else. But here’s the thing about that… spirituality is just as important to my overall well-being.

Think about it, when you are having a day like that, can you operate on a normal working level?

Do you feel like doing much of anything when you are so mentally, emotionally or even physically drained?

Of course not, that just isn’t the way that the majority of us work. We prefer comfort and stress free tasks. But it is of course inevitable that you will experience some bad days and your fair share of stress and then some.

So what happens when you try to work while in that state of mind? A couple of things actually.

If you are performing spiritual work in this frame of mind you run a real risk of attracting something of like attitude. Anytime you work on a spiritual level you should understand that you are opening yourself up to a variety of energies and spirits. The energy that emanates from you or your workspace when performing magickal work acts like a sort of beacon that other entities recognize and are either attracted to it or run from it. The notion that opposites attract does not hold true here. Also you have a very good chance of imbuing your work with your current state of mind or with the energies surrounding you at that moment and I don’t think I really need to explain to you how that can go really REALLY bad. I will just leave that up to your own imagination.

To complicate matters even further, you are constantly picking up negative energies just as much as you are picking up positive things every single day. We all do. And of course there is no way to completely do away with everything negative and even if you could, it would just come right back and continue building up. But that is the beauty and benefit of a weekly mini-routine, it is preventative and meant to not allow things to build up beyond a certain point. It is not meant to replace a good ol big traditional cleansing that I highly recommend you also observe but instead it is meant to keep things in check until then so you don’t get bogged down with all that clutter building up in the meantime.

I have taken the “tip” that this random stranger gave me and turned it into one amazing cleansing routine that helps on multiple levels!


So What’s This Routine That I Speak Of?

Every week preferably either at the beginning or very end of the week take about 20-30 minutes to sit down and perform this quick weekly cleansing.

Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit where you will be undisturbed for at least 20-30 minutes. Make this your ‘spot’. Close your eyes and I want you to focus on all of your stresses throughout this past week, picture them in your mind as pieces of paper; your screaming boss is now just a piece of paper, all that stuff you couldn’t complete this week … paper, all the bad stuff that happened to you this week… paper.  You get the idea.

I want you to now picture a desk and a wastebasket in front of you (or a dumpster if you’ve been having a real hellacious week!) One by one your pieces of paper start to pile up on the desk into a neat little stack. Pick up this stack of papers and allow yourself to briefly skim each piece of paper over and then throw it in the wastebasket. Do this to every piece of paper in the stack and as you do so, try not to let your mind become too attached to each piece but rather see the paper and allow whatever thoughts may come to simply pass through, don’t hold on to them… As the thoughts pass so too should the piece of paper into the wastebasket. When your wastebasket is full and all papers are off of the desk, open your eyes and feel the relief from knowing that you have went in and cleaned up a little bit. After doing this for a few weeks you will begin to notice that your life seems to just kind of flow smoother than before you began.

Add a little bit of creativity and you can easily turn this routine into a full blown weekly ritual, as I have, to get in a real good spiritual, mental and emotional cleansing, fit for anyone who is about to be working in any spiritual or magickal capacity. Try incorporating it into cleansing baths or smudging rituals. Heck, go ahead and couple it with the method of spiritual house cleaning I give in my post, Conjure Starts In The Home.

I truly hope this extremely simple and extremely effective trick helps somebody and if you have tried it, please come back and leave a comment to let me know how well it works for you!

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