Conjure Starts In The Home

The following post is from my old blog, Traditional Conjure, with some added content. I couldn’t think of anything better and/or more fitting to kick things off here!

I want to touch on something today that I see alot of people, not all but quite a few, forgetting or simply neglecting to do. Some don’t know it or simply believe it does not matter, but effective Conjure work starts with a clean and well-organized home. So bust out the spray bottles and the mop bucket because we are going to get your home smelling and looking wonderful and get you started off in the right direction with a clean slate.

Have you ever noticed how stressed you feel when the dishes are piled up in the sink, dirty clothes are adding up, the little ones running around screaming, floors need to be mopped from the mess you’ve tracked in throughout the day or the walls all yellow from not being wiped down in ages? Now, have you noticed how well and relaxed you feel when your home smells amazing, everything in it’s place, laundry and dishes done, your floor shines and you can find your things with minimal effort, and most importantly, without having to dig through a pile of other things that are on top of the pile of other things that contains that one thing?
So, that being said, the same is true for spiritual work as well. Sure you can still do your workings as usual and it may even be effective but I can almost guarantee it will not be nearly as effective if you were in a nice, clean and tidy environment! Alot of people will argue that that is simply not true but then I have to pose this question, do you get as much done and in good spirits when you are stressed out? Because I can tell you this…. stress affects how we act, our attitudes and how we feel in general. But even furthermore than that, when things are in disarray, messy and just all around icky…. that also seeps into your work. You don’t have to take my word for it however because this is such a simple concept and an extremely critical one when it comes to spiritual work. When you collect a piece of material needed for a working from a person or place, you are using that object because of it’s tie to that person or place. Over time, that object has been in contact with that person or place and that energy has rubbed off and build up on that object, which is why you are using it in your working, right? Because you want that influence of energy to become active within your working, yes? Now apply that same logic to working magick or with spirits in a dirty house and with a downtrodden attitude. Make sense?

Some people may argue against that and say that “back in the day”, workers worked on the dirt ground, got messy and probably didn’t have things too awfully organized and if their works were powerful then why should we observe this practice. Well, for starters, it was a different time. People didn’t have it great all the time but I am willing to bet that they did indeed try their absolute best (with what they had available) to keep things physically and spiritually clean, if for nothing else than to show respect to the spirits with whom they were working. I’m not saying you should make sure everything is pristine that you could eat off the bathroom floor, but at least show reverence for life, take care of yourself and your home and try your best to keep things from attracting and building up nastiness. Your spirits and your work will thank you.

Here are some tips to help ya get your get you home cleaned and cleansed and ready for effective Conjure work:

1.) Do a major cleaning of your home at least once or twice a month. (Top to bottom, back to front.) Sweep/vaccum. (when you sweep, do it from back door to the front to send that mess back on its way.) Mop. Wipe down the walls. Move around the furniture and get every nook and cranny, really get in there and get all those dust bunnies! Open a few windows and let things circulate.

2.) Keep things picked up at the end of each day or the beginning depending on how your schedule is. Don’t let laundry and dishes get piled up. This step will definitely make your major cleaning alot easier 🙂

3.) Have a place for everything. Keep it all organized so when you need something, you’re not pulling your hair out looking for it.

4.) Make people take their shoes off when they enter your home or make sure they really wipe their shoes off before coming in. You never know what kind of messes people walk through or if someone been throwing tricks at them and then they inadvertently track it into your home and then you really gotta clean/cleanse!

5.) Keep drama out of your home. This one can be tricky because you can’t tell your best friend they aren’t allowed over when they have some issues going on and just need a friend to talk to. Just be careful and be a judge of who and what you allow into your home. Maybe take them to lunch or go visit them outside the home unless you feel it is okay to do otherwise.

5 simple steps that can make all the difference and that wasn’t so hard to do right? Well, it doesn’t stop there though. Make a schedule to take regular spiritual baths. When washing clothes maybe use some sachet powders added to the load. Open your windows when possible to allow built up messes to find their way outside. Also, keep your altars/working areas clean.

We all need a little boost added to our cleaning schedule though to keep our home and family happy and healthy so I’m going to share two more things with you that I personally do that seem to work wonders in my experience:

Get you a yellow or white 7 day candle and each evening light it and pray Psalm 128 over it. You don’t have to leave it burning, just while you pray. I do this every night. And on the nights I don’t I usually feel something is off and/or the family has an argument of some sort, more so than usual.

When you mop or wipe down the walls, counter tops or ceiling, add a bit of Peaceful Home oil to your cleaning mixture. I like to make my own oils versus buying from shops. (I rarely buy any of my stuff from shops if I can help it. Works better for me and I save money!) So, if you are like me and want to make your own Peaceful Home oil… I will share one of my methods of making it:

Mix equal parts of each to either Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil or plain Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (BTW, Grapeseed oil already contains a rather decent amount of Vitamin E if you know why that helps 🙂


Take your mixture of Peaceful Home Oil every day for 7 days and pray Psalm 128 over it and also pray to God and ask that he blesses it for your intended purposes, each time you do this, open the lid and let it breathe and try to pray into it ie., get your breath in there. You can use it the very same day you make it, but still try to continue to pray over it to charge it with intention.

I hope you enjoyed this! Now get to cleaning!!!

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