The Divination Trap… Travelers Beware


Whether you are a seasoned reader or are just starting out, there is one trap that anyone who practices divination at some point will probably become a victim of. Yes, I have even faced this very problem myself… many times.

I’m not talking about wanting to play poker with your cards… however, that can indeed be fun. Tarot Poker anyone? 🙂

No, I’m talking about something much worse.

Believe it or not, the number one thing that proves to trip up most people is the habit of simply relying on divination more than they really should. Not everything in life requires you to run out and get a reading to figure out how to correct the situation and to be honest with you it actually more often than not, ends up doing more harm than good. Divination should be reserved only for situations that you have first already tried to resolve by exhausting every mundane option possible or when you are just so utterly confused about something really important and have no clue where to go next. It isn’t your best bet for trivial questions however.

When you perform a reading you are tapping into not just the symbolism but you are also doing 3 main things

  • Making a connection with your spirit guides
  • Tapping into various universal energies
  • Working with your own subconscious

None of these things should ever be taken lightly. Never, ever, ever.

So you see you have all of these different things taking place ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak. Your spirit guides coming forward to try to pass along advice. Various other universal energies intervening and manipulating the reading for one reason or another. And finally, your mind trying to make sense of it all by placing meaning behind the symbolism in a way that you can understand. With all of this happening, all of this work going on in and around you, it can get rather complex to say the least.

In the amount of time it would take this complex system to give advice to you and the time it would take you to interpret that advice, I’m fairly certain you probably could have figured out what shoes to wear on your date tonight, plus, got in the car and already been at the restaurant eating your dinner.

Three major things happen when you start trying to perform readings for every single little thing in life.

  1. You will spend more time solving basic issues that you could have simply decided on one way or another. Not every decision we make in life is going to have some huge impact. You will drive yourself crazy trying to find the best way of doing common everyday things. And once again, in the end, was it really worth all the hassle? Did it change anything? Would any decision regarding the situation been life changing? If no, then why did you need a reading for it?
  2. You are altering the reading each time you ask because very minor variables happen all around you every second of every day so these changes will be reflected in following readings. Because of this, no two readings will ever be completely the same. These changes may be minor or they may be huge… but either way, they will change things around in some way or another.
  3. You will confuse yourself by adding complexity to things that don’t need to be complicated. You’ll begin to read into deeper and deeper levels of the problem only serving to scare or confuse you further and quite possibly push you toward the wrong actions to resolve it because you are now dealing with it on a different level.

I always advise people to take care with their divination practice and to treat it as a sacred tool in their spiritual tool belt. If you need a rundown of things in your life, I recommend setting up a monthly reading and just choose a day to either go get or perform a reading that covers each week of the following month. Set it up so you do it the same day every month and stick to that schedule unless something really important comes up that is worthy of a reading. But there is absolutely no need to run to it every time you can’t figure out where you misplaced your keys or to ask if tonight is a good night to watch a movie. Remember that when you perform divination you are also consulting outside energies as well as your spirits, be respectful of their time and don’t come to them in a reading for trivial everyday issues.

In closing, divination is one of your most powerful tools as a spiritual worker but just like any other tool, you need to know how to use it properly in order to get the most effect out of it. Use it only when it is important and don’t fall into the trap of over-reliability!


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