How To Make Hoodoo Powders

Hoodoo Powders

If you have ever used condition oils you have also probably at the very least, heard of its cousin; hoodoo powders.

Alot of magickal practitioners use oils, some use soaps, most use herbs in some fashion but did you know that powders also play a rather significant role in most magickal traditions? Hoodoo is no exception to this and you may hear them referred to in this tradition as dusting powder, herb dust or maybe just simply as hoodoo powders.

And it’s actually fairly simple stuff to make too.

So What’s It Used For?

Dusting or hoodoo powders are powders that have been infused with herbs, roots and sometimes even condition oils and usually powered with alot of intention and prayer. They are employed in works much the same way that the condition oils or the herbs themselves are used. And there are just as many ways to use hoodoo powders as there are ways to use condition oils, herbs and incenses.

How Can It Be Used?

Different powders are used for different things and how one person works will also vary from how another person works. So their method of use will, of course, vary a bit but below are a few examples to give you an idea of just how many different applications you can find for hoodoo powders if you really think about it.

  • Need to get that new job? Dab all four corners of the job application with a condition oil and then sprinkle a little of you hoodoo powder in the oil so it sticks.
  • Trying to bring a bit more peaceful feeling to your home? A mixture of Arrowroot powder, ground Lavender and some Chamomile works wonders for this, just sprinkle some in the corners of your home and preferably somewhere near the front door as well.
  • Maybe you want to do an entire house cleaning but don’t really need or even feel like scrubbing down everything and just need a quick solution? Grab the Lemongrass and your mortar and pestle and grind some into some cornstarch and sprinkle it on your carpet before you vacuum or floor before you sweep. Open your windows when you do this as the powder will not only be picked up from the floor but some of the powder may be present in the air.
  • Got someone difficult in your life? Influence them to see things your way using some commanding hoodoo powder. Just some Arrowroot powder and some ground Elder and dust your hands with it before meeting with them and shaking hands. Works great!

Okay, Just Give Me The Recipe!

Okay so before I give you this amazing recipe, please be aware that this is just a base recipe. It is meant to be a starting point that can be used for any type of hoodoo powder for any condition you can think of really. Okay onto the recipe!

There are a few things that you will need:

  • 1 Cup – Corn Starch or Arrowroot powder as base powder (Really just up to personal preference. Corn Starch is a bit more grainy and Arrowroot is a bit more silky)
  • 1/2 Cup – Herbs or Roots that are magically aligned for your purpose
  • Few drops – Condition oils (optional. If you choose to use oil however, stir it in and let it dry well into the powder before using it)
  • Mortar and Pestle or a coffee grinder
  • Bowl to mix ingridients in
  • Something to store it in (glass or wood, nothing synthetic)

Gather all of your supplies together. Begin by grinding a half cup of your chosen herbs or roots and as you are doing this, speak to the herbs your intention for the powder, ask that the energy and attributes of the herbs be used to enhance this and help bring about a favorable outcome when you use the powder. Sit for a few minutes and focus on your intent while you hold the mortar in both hands. Really focus and picture yourself in that situation and yourself celebrating a favorable outcome.

Now take 1 cup of of your base powder into the bowl and slowly mix in the herbs while praying to Spirit that your work be blessed, empowered and overall successful.
Add a few drops of your favorite condition oil if you’d like.
Once your powder is completed, put the lid on it and place it on your altar or some other place where it will not be disturbed. Once a month every month, for 10-15 minutes, it is advisable to take some time to shake up your jar vigorously while focusing on its purpose as this will keep it moving and in top working order for whenever you need it.
Enjoy your new hoodoo powder and if you have an awesome recipe you’d like to share for your favorite powder, I’d love to hear about it! So feel free to let me know in the comment section.


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