What Are Magical Variables?


When you when you perform any kind of magical work you should be very aware that there are multiple different ways that it could manifest. But more importantly, you need to understand why there are so many different ways that the magic could manifest. See, magic and life, the spiritual and the mundane; all of these things are dynamic, meaning, they are always changing and there are always other forces at play in some other area of life that has the potential to change the direction or even the very mode of operation of any of the other areas.

I know, that’s probably a bit confusing huh? No worries, here’s an example that should help illustrate what I’m talking about and why it’s really important to be mindful of these variables:
Sally and her husband have been having issues in their relationship since before they even decided to get married. At first, it was just an agitation growing between them from constantly being with one another, which is normal, but then it quickly grew into lies, larger fights and eventually some infidelity. But these very same issues were also a driving force for them to get married as they seen this as possibly a way to grow up and mature in their relationship and move past all the negative aspects. Marriage would be an easy fix they thought.
Of course, as it turns out, marriage is never an easy fix and the problems actually got worse.
Sally decided that maybe working a little magick on her husband would do the trick. Deciding to forego divination first, she settled on a very simple communication spell, thinking that if she could just get her husband to be more open with her that maybe then they could begin to discuss their problems and set out to fix them. She went through with her work and awaited the results.
A month and several very open conversations later they were divorced.


So what exactly happened here?

Simply put, variables happened. Sally didn’t account for all of the different areas in their lives that this spell would have to affect in order to do its job correctly. She was just focused on one specific problem without realizing that the one problem she was paying attention to was actually part of a much larger issue that she was overlooking.

Sally hadn’t accounted for the fact that it might be possible that her husband just didn’t want to be married any longer, which is something he had made his mind up about a long time ago and simply remained married in hopes that just maybe it would get better one day.
Because the spell was meant to make him more receptive to her attempts at communication, it ended up making her husband open up about his true emotions and unfortunately, this was a variable that Sally was ill-prepared for and didn’t know how to cope with so she was the one who ended up shutting down. Her marriage was over.


So why didn’t the spell work?

Well, here’s where it all gets just a little bit tricky.
Believe it or not, the spell actually did work and I’d even say that it worked a little too well. Even though he didn’t remain in the marriage, it actually did get him to open up to her and express his feelings which is also what made him realize how badly he wanted out of his marriage.


What could Sally have done differently?

  • The first thing that should have absolutely happened before Sally decided on a specific work, is a reading to determine if that spell is even appropriate for her situation.
  • While the communication spell was going to get her husband to open up, Sally should have prepared to hear some things she may not like.
  • Instead of only performing the communication spell, she probably would have benefited from performing some sweetening work on her husband prior to the communication spell to try to sweeten him up to her more and make him not only talk so much about his problems but also to discuss hers as well.
  • In addition to the above, some mastery work such as a mastery mojo hand would have also been a good idea as this would have given her more control over her emotions and the situation itself.
In conclusion, magick is not foolproof and there are no guarantees that any of it will consistently work the way that you want it to work and sometimes it may not even work at all, what with all the various elements and what-if scenarios you have to factor in, but with a little bit of attention to detail and some pre-work divination you should be able to increase the chances that your magical work is a success. Variables are a common part of everyday life and you shouldn’t be scared of them as they are really neither bad nor good. Every decision that you make or any action you take is a variable that will add yet another ripple to the pool of life only to affect something else in turn. Variables are the unknown and the unseen “what-ifs” but they can still be prepared for if you simply pay attention and plan accordingly for any possibilities.
Good luck with your magickal endeavors and remember to watch your corners 😉

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