How To Make Your Own Divination Lamp

Divination Lamp

Divination is important to every spiritual worker and whether you utilize Geomancy, Cartomancy, Bibliomancy or one of the other numerous systems regularly, at some point it is very possible that you may hit a sort of mental block. This usually comes in the form of readings that you just cannot seem to make much sense of.

Well you are in luck because today I want to share with you a trick that I use whenever I perform any readings.

It is called a Divination Lamp and it is fairly inexpensive to put together and it will provide you with a clear head and increased Spiritual and psychic awareness. This lamp can be placed near wherever you are performing a reading and prayed over and lit before you begin your divination session.

So, ready to make a lamp?

Okay great, here’s a list of the items that you will need

  • A lamp
  • Lamp oil (you can even use Olive Oil if you prefer)
  • Paper
  • Acacia Leaves (this plant increases personal and psychic power)
  • Coltsfoot (this plant increases psychic awareness and visions)
  • Mint (you can use peppermint or spearmint as they both can increase clarity and mental powers)
  • Mugwort (this plant is said to increase your psychic abilities)
  • Star Anise (this increases psychic powers as well)


So you have gathered all of your materials, now what?

First, you need to clean your lamp thoroughly. Just simply wipe off any physical dust with a clean rag and make sure it is physically clean.

Next, wipe down all parts of the lamp inside and out with either Florida Water or Holy Water while praying that it be cleansed of all physical and spiritual mess and be made new, clean and ready for its new purpose.

Now, write out your petition on the piece of paper, stating what it is that you want. You can use something like:

My psychic awareness and personal powers are increased and I have a clear head 

Once you have written your petition, turn the paper 180 degrees clockwise and write your full name 3 times across your petition, turn it 180 degrees clockwise again and fold the paper towards yourself 3 times, turning it clockwise before every fold.

Take your petition and attach it to the bottom of the lamp wick with a needle. The reason behind this is symbolic because as the wick/flame rises so does your psychic abilities and personal power.

Place your herbs into the lamp and as each one goes in you will tell it what you want it to do. Fill the reservoir with the lamp oil and pray to Spirit that this lamp is empowered and serves its intended purpose of giving you personal power, psychic awareness and a clear mind whenever it is lit.

Finally, seal it and sit with it for a few minutes while visualizing it doing what it is supposed to do (picture yourself performing a successful reading). Swirl it around every day to keep it active and speak to it and light it every time you are about to perform a reading and need pinpoint clarity.

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