Mojo Hands Are More Than Just Spells In A Bag

mojo hands

So as of recent I have been putting together a year long course for those who really want to learn Hoodoo and one of the sections in the course deals with mojo hands. Everything from how to create them to how to work with them and take care of them.

So as I began writing out my lesson on mojo hands, I started off with what I thought would be an easy explanation of just what a mojo hand is and is not. Simple right?

Nope, not in the least.

When most hoodoo workers talk about mojo hands, it always seems to be a fairly straightforward but very lacking explanation. The idea behind their creation is easy to grasp… a mojo hand is a spell in a bag made from a  combination of various herbs, roots and other trinkets. And this is how I began the lesson, with a to the point description. But of course, I do want my students to really learn something useful and really get in-depth so a basic description just simply wouldn’t do.

But here is where I run into what seems to be a much misunderstood and rarely discussed subject online when it comes to mojo hands so I figured even though the information will be available to my students it should also be discussed here for my readers as well. As a matter of fact, it is such an important aspect of creating one that anyone working with or creating them should be aware of it.

What if I told you that mojo hands are not just simply a spell in a bag or a magickal tool but rather, they are also a spirit in a bag? But how can this be you ask?

It’s actually really quite simple. Check it out…

When you create a mojo hand, you are adding various herbs and roots to a cloth bag. Each one of these has a spirit and an energy all its own. When combined and contained together these separate spirits and energies become intertwined with one another and essentially what you have created, while it is indeed still a spell in a bag and a tool, is a new spirit helper.

This is the reason that you typically see workers baptize their mojo hands with a name that only they will know and is the same reason they feed their mojo hands regularly… it is a spirit and is taken care of as such. Yes it’s traditional to do so but there is also a reason behind that way of working and it is extremely important when you are working with certain items to know why things are done a specific way. Working in any magical setting with less knowledge than you need can be outright dangerous.

Now, for the fun part…

So by this logic, any items that we mix and contain together essentially becomes a spirit as well right?

Wrong, but also kind of right.

Yes the ingredients work together in any spell but the difference comes into play when we start sealing things together, essentially binding them to one another which is the entire intent behind a mojo hand. We put our ingredients in and magically seal it. If it is ever opened again, it releases its magic thereby dying. So by default, this is how the mojo hand works but isn’t how all spells work right out of the box so to speak but you can indeed tailor this method to work with other spells or magical items.

Just wanted to throw some food for magical thought out there, talk to ya’ll again soon 😉

One thought on “Mojo Hands Are More Than Just Spells In A Bag

  1. Tara says:

    So here’s the question:
    How does one “feed” the spirit without opening the bag?
    Rubbing with oils
    Dusting with powders
    Passing through incense

    All the these things are good, but let’s say I wanted to feed a bit of magnetic sand or place a drop or two of High John or Van Van inside?

    I’ve read two theories:
    One says to open the bag for feeding kills the spirit.
    Another says it’s okay to open the top of the bag and introduce the food
    What is your opinion on this – to which theory do you subscribe and why?

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