Understanding The Importance Of Pre-Work Divination

On any given day I receive a handful of emails, most of which are people just needing a straight-forward answer or simple advice but in that mix I also generally receive 2 or 3 who have some really big, very involved and very detailed situation that they want to know how to solve quickly and […]

New Year, New Beginning

With the exception of a small handful, most cultures around the world observe some form of celebration for the beginning of a new year. Some follow the Gregorian calendar and celebrate on January 1st while other cultures follow a different calendar that may put the start of the new year on a different date but […]

Conjure Starts In The Home

The following post is from my old blog, Traditional Conjure, with some added content. I couldn’t think of anything better and/or more fitting to kick things off here! I want to touch on something today that I see alot of people, not all but quite a few, forgetting or simply neglecting¬†to do. Some don’t know […]