Hire Me To Work For You

If you have a specific issue that you need help with and would like to hire me to help you, I do offer a couple of services which you can read more about below.


Readings are useful when you want to know what’s in store for you in the future, need to know how to best resolve a situation you are dealing with, or just need some general advice.  

A reading can act as a spiritual blueprint for you, a sort of personal guide that can help show you what step to take next and what to look out for on your path. Divination is a tool that anyone can benefit from if they also follow the advice that comes from their reading if any is received.  

All of my readings are done through either a form of Geomancy or a form of Cartomancy… and sometimes, it ends up being a little bit of both.  

I am available to perform the following types of readings: 

  • Yearly or monthly overviews 
  • Basic yes/no questions 
  • Specific situation & pre-work readings 


I offer a variety of ritual and other magickal works that may be helpful in resolving whatever problem you are facing. 

Any working I perform for you will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Because of this, there is not a set price on any one form of rootwork that I offer as every case is different. Some situations require more work and time involved while others require much less, or something different entirely. 

Ready To Hire Me? 

To hire me for a reading or rootwork, just use the form on the Contact page to send me a short message about what service you are inquiring about, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

I try to respond to emails right away whenever I can, but I do get rather busy so sometimes it may take me up to 24 hours to get back to you. 

Reach out to me today and let’s discuss what I can do for you.