Timing And Magick: How They Affect Each Other

Timing Your Magick

Tick Tock… Tick Tock… Timing And Magick Go Hand In Hand And Is Probably More Important Than You Realize.


I want to just real quickly throw out some food for thought and discuss a concept that I find to be extremely useful in my spiritual work but one that just doesn’t seem to hit home with alot of other workers or if it does, it sure doesn’t seem to come up in conversation nearly as much as you might expect. The concept I’m talking about is that of how timing can be used in magickal work, and honestly, it really should be used in conjunction with any magickal undertaking a practitioner goes about.


Now, if you are a practitioner of any ancient or modern magickal system you are probably already very much aware of how to use various correspondences in your magick. The most common of these is using colors to symbolize certain things. For instance for money work you may choose items that are green, works for peace may incorporate cooler colors like blue, red for love, white for cleansing, so on and so forth. But did you know that time itself can be used much in the same way? Sure can!


Okay so how do you use timing in your magick?


The absolute best way I can personally demonstrate how to incorporate timing into your magick is through a couple of simple case study examples. And you really only need just a couple examples because it is an insanely simple concept to grasp if you have ever had any previous magickal training or first hand experience. Because of that, I’m actually surprised that more people don’t seem to work this way too! But for those of you still scratching your heads, read on and it should all start to make a bit more sense.


Okay so for our first example let’s take a look at John. John has an issue with a troublesome co-worker and has tried everything to get him to leave him alone and preferably find a different job far, far away. John decides that he is at his wits end and since nothing mundane has seemed to do the trick, it’s time to turn it up a notch… and John turns to spiritual work to resolve the issue. He performs a divination that advises him to perform a simple banishing type of work if he wants to see a successful outcome and drive the co-worker to the far reaches of some lost and forgotten desert never to bother John again. The reading also says that he needs to time this working to align with certain energies in order to be optimal. Huh? What does that even mean, John wonders to himself. After a bit of pondering, he has an “aha” moment and decides that he will need to perform his work at the end of the week at the last hour to further symbolize his intention on the *ending* of something. He begins his work finally, on Friday night at 11PM.


Ellen is a hard-working woman but this month has been a bit rough financially speaking and she has a few bills that are almost due but she may just end up coming up short on one of them this month. They aren’t major expenses so she has a little time to figure it out but she has tried everything from asking for more hours at work to taking a second job. Neither attempts were very successful. After exhausting all other mundane options, Ellen has decided to try her hand at drawing a little extra cash to her magickally. It couldn’t hurt she thought as she began to gather together up the materials she thought she may like to use in her work. She was going to build a money drawing bottle that would act like a money magnet. But she needed just a bit more guidance to be on the safe side and sat down to do a reading. The reading revealed that she should pay extra special attention to the preparation of this work because every small detail is important. She’s got it! She will break everything about it down real quick and piece it together in the most optimal way. In the process she decides that it only makes sense to begin her work at the beginning of the week on Sunday morning as soon as the Sun begins to rise. As the week builds up, so too will her money.


 Magick of all variations relies heavily on correspondences of all types of things and using timing in this same manner almost feels like second nature as a magick worker to be honest. So a simple way to remember how to use this trick is if you are drawing something to you, begin at the beginning of the month, week or hour. If you are trying to push something away from you or otherwise affect something negatively, begin at the end of the month, week or hour.


Simple huh? Go try it out for yourself if you don’t already and let me know how it works for you or if you have a different method that works better I’d love to hear about it!


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