Understanding The Importance Of Pre-Work Divination

On any given day I receive a handful of emails, most of which are people just needing a straight-forward answer or simple advice but in that mix I also generally receive 2 or 3 who have some really big, very involved and very detailed situation that they want to know how to solve quickly and easily. I always give them the same answer:

“I can give you a million different things to try but not one of them may work because it is not tailored to your situation. I suggest a reading before proceeding.”

Now, as a professional spiritual worker, when I tell them this many people seem to believe I am just trying to sell them a service. This isn’t the case because  a.) I am willing to still give you generic advice and b.) It is to benefit them so they dont spend the next 2 months trying everything they can and then finally to no avail…. And then email me again to set up a reading.

Not every situation has one specific or sole way of being solved. Almost every large situation is simply a culmination of a bunch of finer details… and they all play a role. You can do all the work you want on whatever area of life or specific area of the situation that you believe is the origin of the issue. You might even get lucky and find that you were spot on with your work and the problem is resolved. It’s akin to trying to play golf with a blindfold on.

So before going through alot of work that may or may not do any good I always suggest performing or having a reading done to determine specifically what the problem is, exactly how to fix it and how long you should expect it to take. With this knowledge you can determine:

1.) What the main issue(s) is and if it needs to be addressed or left to run its course

2.) Deeper details of why the issue exists to begin with

3.) What will work to resolve it and what will not

4.) If work is called for; what ingredients should be utilized

5.) Any future issues to be mindful of that may arise

6.) And finally, a timeframe for your work so that you know what signs to look for that indicate the work being sucessful or in action and when you may be able to expect results

Learning a divination method can be as simple or as complicated as you like and there are plenty of methods in existence to try your hand at, not to mention that it is an extremely useful tool to have under your belt and it can be downright fun. Divination is equal parts; Intuition, Spirit & Psychology and is a gigantic spiritual road map waiting for you to learn how to read it. But if you are someone who doesn’t feel comfortable performing a reading quite yet, there are plenty of reputable spiritual workers of all backgrounds who can perform this service for you and most times it is fairly inexpensive taking into consideration the information that you receive and in general are somewhere in the range of $15-$50.

I hope this helps someone understand the purpose of divination before performing work and I plan to write more on divination so if there is a specific question you have or divinatory topic you’d like me to discuss, please feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email.

Until next time, may you all be blessed, safe and prosperous.

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